What makes you happy

What makes you happy

      What makes you happy 8 things that make you happy

1.  Smile more (It’s Better than Money)
Do you spend time each day laughing?
Do you purposefully find something to laugh about?
When you laugh, you release a happy
hormone called oxytocin. It’s a hormone that uplifts us as we share experiences
with others. Even just making yourself smile will put you in a better place.
Experts say that laughing loudly is beneficial
to your health. It improves your memory, helps the body fight heart diseases by
improving immunity, relieving your tension prematurely and lightens the brain.

2. Foster Good Relationships with Family and Friends
People who don’t spend as much time
with family or friends are more prone to loneliness and depression.
Happy people don’t spend large
amounts of time alone. This habit can upset you if you like to be alone. By
spending time with people you like, you forge supportive relationships that
help you in times of stress.
You also bond with others through
common experiences, such as life’s ups and downs. They become your support
3. Think positive
Our thinking and mood have a big
impact on our lives, our thinking also influences whether we fulfill a project
or leave it in the middle and we come to life later. Learn from the
difficulties or become obsessed with them.
Avoid the following three habits that
make you think negatively:
Avoid frustration because it can
rustle your strengths and strengths and make you unable to improve your
situation or cope with adversity.
If you only pay attention to what is
bad and negative, you will keep thinking of yourself as being in trouble and
will be wasted every day, but if you pay attention to the good things you will
be happy. Avoid.
If we help others, then we gain
peace. Are able to cope with it.
Just as some people avoid certain
foods in order to stay healthy, you can avoid negative thoughts in order to be

4. Stop comparing yourself
Stop comparing yourself to others, as
this will lead you to anxiety and you will become less vulnerable.
Always look to the one who is
inferior to you and then thank Allah that He has provided you with the
Let me tell you a story
While I was jogging this morning, I
saw a man who was half a kilometer away from me. I figured he was running a
little slower than me. About a kilometer later I had to turn around at my
house. I started running fast. Within minutes, I was slowly getting closer to
it. When I was 100 feet away from it, I was quickly overwhelmed with excitement
and enthusiasm.
I told myself that
Although he did not know that the
race had taken place.
Suddenly, I realized that I had come
a long way in turning my back on my life. Then I realized that I had ruined my
inner peace, couldn’t even enjoy the greenery of the path and the soft rays of
the sun falling on it. I missed hearing the beautiful sounds of sparrows. My
breath was flowing, limbs began to ache, my focus was on my way home, and now I
had come a long way.
Then I realized that in our life we ​​also compete,
with our co-workers, with neighbors, friends, relatives, we want to tell them
that we are heavier than them, more successful. Or, more importantly, and in
this same cycle we cannot enjoy our peace, the beauty of our surroundings, and
our happiness.

5. Help someone
We all live
for ourselves, why not live for others, feel their problems and share their
hands. With our help, one can save one’s life, ease someone’s problems, cure a
sick person, get help with a living, get married to a compulsive daughter, have
a child’s style. Life can be better, acquiring knowledge can be given to
someone, then it is a honor and a relief for us. Yes, this is real life. Make a
commitment today that you will always try to help others.

what makes you happy

6. Exercise more
Exercise is
very useful for health People who exercise regularly are more active and
healthy than others. The following are the benefits of exercise.
makes you feel happy.
daily gives you peace of mind.
helps you lose weight and make the body look smarter and more beautiful.
Exercise is
very useful for bones and muscles. Exercise muscles take on a beautiful shape.
You feel
better within yourself. You feel this energy all day long.
Get rid of
deadly diseases. Many illnesses are caused by non-exercise.
Your skin is
getting better and stronger. The face looks beautiful and noticeable.
Your mental
and mental health improves.
Your sleep
gets better and more comfortable.
Reduces pain
in your body.
If you do not exercise, start and see how it will change your life.
7. Spend money on others, not yourself
You guys must
have known about Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, why he decided to donate
a portion of his wealth – tens of billions of dollars. What he did because he
wanted to find real happiness in doing so. In another experience, scholars
offered $ 5 or $ 20 to a group of 46 people. They were asked to spend the money
by 5 pm the same day. Wanted to spend 50% of the money on top of yourself and
50% on others. At the end of the day, people involved in both groups were asked
how they felt about spending money. It was found that spending on others had
more happiness than spending on oneself. Professor Dawn says the study also
made it clear that just as important as the way to make money is to spend

what makes you happy

8. Go outside
If you have
sadness and fatigue on your mind, step out of the house to a quieter place and
breathe in the open air.
If you are
married, take your wife out to the children at least twice a month for some fun
outdoors. This can have a pleasant effect on the home environment. The
atmosphere of friendship is also established. One has a chance to understand
the other.

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