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Health Benefits of Green Tea How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

Benefits of green tea

Health Benefits of Green Tea How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day?

"It's the healthiest thing I can think of to drink," says Christopher Ochner, PhD.

Green tea has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, and it widely used throughout Asia, this beverage has a multitude of uses from lowering blood pressure to preventing cancer.

The reason that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is due to the processing. Black tea is processed in a way that allows for fermentation whereas green tea’s processing avoids the fermentation process. As a result, green tea retains maximum amount of antioxidants and poly-phenols the substances that give green tea its many benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea

Listed below are the possible health benefits associated with green tea. Green tea was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine to control bleeding and heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart and mental health, and regulate body temperature.

Recent studies have shown green tea can potentially have positive effects on everything from weight loss to liver disorders, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease.

Green tea is a naturally occurring adverse effect that you may be looking for, because all tea is a reliable remedy for stabilizing energy levels. Unlike coffee, the vegetable boosts your mental energy levels.

Here is the some benefits of green tea given below:

Benefits of Green Tea

It burns fat

Green tea is also helpful in stimulating the body's metabolism to reduce obesity. The caffeine and fatty acids contained in it increase the body's performance against obesity.

Drink a cup of green tea at least 20 minutes after meals. The ingredients in it not only play an important role in reducing excess fat from the body, but also release toxins from the body.

Prevent Cancer

One study found positive results regarding green tea and cancer prevention. According to the researchers, polyphenols in green tea help to kill cancer cells and prevent their growth. Another study found that women using green tea are less likely to return to breast cancer after treatment, while another US study found it best to reduce the risk of bowel cancer by up to 30%.

Benefits of Green Tea

it Reduce mental stress

Green tea has a low caffeine intake and consuming less than five of these can potentially reduce psychological stress. This was revealed in a recent study by a Japanese university. Researchers have not been able to identify any specific ingredient for this, but during experiments on animals it was revealed that the alcohol consumes the amount of chemicals that cause stress in the body.

Benefits of Green Tea

One cup of Green tea daily

The taste of green tea may seem a bit bitter to you, adding lemons or honey to your tea so you can successfully achieve all the amazing results that are contained in green tea. Add the green tea to your daily routine Soon you will improve your health.

The benefits of green tea for skin

1. Fight skin cancer by repairing DNA

2. Slow down aging

3. Treats puffy eyes and dark circles

4. It is an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent

5. Hydrates and nourishes skin

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